How would you respond if one of your clients asked you whether he or she should invest in Bitcoin? Or another cryptocurrency like blockchain?

It’s possible. The value of digital currencies like Bitcoin has skyrocketed, leading some clients to fear that they might be missing out on the next big thing. What’s the best way to respond? Before digging into this question, let’s take a step back and explain what all the cryptocurrency fuss is about.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a new form of electronic payment that’s used to buy and sell goods and services. Companies issue their own cryptocurrencies (also called tokens) that are traded for the things they sell. To access goods or services, buyers must exchange real currency for the cryptocurrency.

There are currently about 1,400 different cryptocurrencies being exchanged in the open market with a total value of about $708 billion, according to Coin Market Cap....

What You Need to Know About Succession Planning

As a financial advisor, you’re always thinking about your clients’ future. But what about your future? ...

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Trust Company of America Expands Industry-Leading Liberty Mobile Platform

Above: TCA's technology systems over the years

Yesterday, Trust Company of America unveiled the new and improved Liberty, its industry-leading mobile platform for RIAs.

Now all major functions, including model management, consolidated asset management and model...

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How to Comply with RIA Regulations

The regulatory environment for RIAs is in a state of constant evolution. RIAs are still trying to navigate the new rules set forth by Dodd-Frank, such as the so-called “red flag” rule, aimed at reducing the risk of identity theft, and there is increasing pressure for the SEC to adopt...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring

Your business is only as good as its people. Unfortunately, every business inevitably makes regrettable hires or will in the future. In fact, 90% of participants in a recent Trust Company of America Genius Session on the do’s and don’ts of hiring indicated...

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