While many investors have reaped the benefits of an unprecedented bull market,  volatility is a risk. Sustained volatility is hard to stomach, sparking emotional decision-making and attempts to time the market. In fact, according to E*TRADE’s Independent Advisor Sentiment survey, advisors noted that the biggest mistake clients make is trying to time the market.

As stewards of clients’ nest eggs, advisors are critical to helping them weather volatility and honing their focus on long-term investing goals, rather than short-term decisions. Here are three tips to coach clients through a rocky market and emotional investing decisions:

Acknowledge their concerns. As a seasoned market participant, you know volatility is normal; but it can be very scary for the main street investor. The reality is a two to three percent move in the market is normal, but when there is a 300-point market decline, it can feel dire. Once it becomes a headline...

How to better serve female clients and advisors

It’s no secret that there’s a significant gender gap within financial services. While nearly half of all financial services employees are women, they occupy just 15 percent of the industry’s executive suites1 and comprise a mere 17 percent of US financial advisors....

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Why you should use account aggregation

Offering account aggregation is an effective way to add value to your client relationships, deliver better service, and set your firm apart from the competition. It provides a window into your clients’ overall finances by gathering data across financial and custodial accounts; as well as,...

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Cyborgs and robos and hybrids, oh my!

By now, most registered investment advisors are familiar with automated advice platforms, or robo-advisors. While these services have been a disruptive force, the machines haven’t “taken over” in the dystopian sense that some had originally feared. In fact, many RIAs have...

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Making the most out of your CRM

The key to maximizing the benefits of a CRM system is nailing the rollout.

Customer relationship management systems, or CRMs, are a critical tool for independent financial advisors to keep track of their clients and prospects, monitor their sales pipeline, and perform many routine...

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