Be true to yourself. 

Be your clients’ least kept secret.

Be more personal and less transactional.

Be the one who figured it out. 

Be what you’ve always envisioned, as an RIA and as a person.

Be more you.


Trust Company of America is here to help RIAs realize their full potential. 

The expertise, technology and partnership we offer every day can help you achieve your dreams your way, professionally and personally.

Whether it’s a simpler yet more powerful interface for rebalancing or a hands-on working session to help you untangle a client challenge, we’re always here for you, no questions asked.

Unlike other “big brand” houses, we’ll never compete for your clients. Instead, we’re committed to helping you work more efficiently on your clients’ behalf. We want to build your name—not our own.

Best of all, we only work with RIAs. Because we’re not trying to be all things financial to all people. We’re trying to be the ones that know your business best, that partner closest with you on challenges and insights, and that never stop thinking of ways to help you grow your practice and to truly serve your clients.

You don’t have to accept the deal that the legacy lions offer you, 

take it or leave it. You can achieve your dreams your way. 

You can be what you’ve always envisioned, as an RIA and as a person.

Trust Company of America. Be more you.

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