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Technology’s Impact on the Client Experience

March 15, 2018

by James Capps

Fintech tools like robo advisors should not be viewed as competition; they actually help advisors and clients better communicate and interact.

Marketing your practice with purpose

March 15, 2018

by Pete Muckley

Effective marketing and communication strategies can make a difference when it comes to winning new clients

Advisors Say Tech Both Help And Hindrance

March 14, 2018

Financial Advisor, Karen Demasters

Although a large majority (82 percent) of small- and medium-size RIAs say using technology has helped their business, a sizeable group also say they still have problems with it, according to a survey released Monday by Trust Company of America.

Shrinking cash balances provide latest evidence of investor euphoria

January 24, 2018

By Jeff Benjamin, InvestmentNews

There's nothing quite like record highs in the stock market combined with historic lows in interest rates to get investors off the sidelines, and that's exactly what the major custodians are seeing these days.


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