About Trust Company of America

Since 1972, Trust Company of America (TCA) has been a champion of Registered Investment Advisors, dedicated to helping them realize their full potential. TCA is the only independent RIA custodian offering fully integrated real-time technology, consultative services and back office support built exclusively for RIAs.

Here at TCA,  we firmly believe that you should be in charge — of your practice, your growth and your clients’ financial futures. That’s why we give you the technology and support you need to run your business your way.

And because we only work with RIAs, we never compete for your clients. Instead, we’re committed to helping you work more efficiently on their behalf. We promise you:

Simplicity — Simplify every interaction you have with us, your partners and your clients.
Efficiency — Streamline RIA operations so every task takes less time and has greater impact.
Partnership — Provide RIAs with a dedicated Relationship Manager who can troubleshoot, intervene or inspire without ever competing for any advisor’s book of business.
Personalization — Customize our products and platform so customers only see your brand, not ours.
Empowerment — Help you realize your full potential through our expertise, technology and culture of RIA-first growth. 

Above all, Trust Company of America is here to help you be more you.


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