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Trust Company of America Continues Growth Path, Adding Clients and Tech Enhancements in Q1

May 13, 2014

Trust Company of America (TCA) closed the first quarter of 2014 with solid growth in new advisor arrangements and continued strong performance from RIAs that custody assets with TCA.

On Wall Street: Protecting Digital Assets - Advisors on 'Front Line'

March 29, 2014

Dennis Noto, Chief Information Officer for Trust Company of America, tells On Wall Street what advisors need to know about protecting their clients’ information.

RIA Biz: After a brief mini-Schwab era, Trust Company of America gets back to non-conformity and success

March 19, 2014

Brooke Southall sat down with CEO David Barry to discuss how Trust Company of America is getting back to its roots.

Small Accounts Present Opportunities for Advisors, Says Trust Company of America

March 19, 2014

Trust Company of America's latest Trend Advisor paper, "Small Accounts, Big Opportunities" outlines best practices for managing small accounts.

InvestmentNews: Want an app? There's an app for that

March 18, 2014

Advisers across the industry are looking to launch mobile applications to showcase their personal brand. 


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