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Nine Steps To Becoming A Successful Independent RIA

March 10, 2017

by Al Leary, Trust Company of America

As appealing as the path to a registered investment advisor (RIA) practice may be, it's a transtion that requires careful conisderation, detailed planning and a structured, strategic approach that leaves nothing to chance.

RIAs Can't Skip DOL Compliance Overhaul

March 10, 2017

by Thomas Coyle, Financial Advisor

It doesn't take much expertise to see the Department of Labor's incoming fiduciary rule impacts brokerages more than RIAs.

Six Key RIA Trends for 2017 and How to Capitalize On Them

March 10, 2017

By Joshua Pace, President and CEO, Trust Company of America

"The only thing that is constant in life is change."

This well-known quote attributed to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus is certainly appropriate for today's RIA marketplace.

How RIAs Can Promote Their Fiduciary Standard

March 10, 2017

by Joshua Pace, President and CEO, Trust Company of America

President Trump has signed an executive action directing the Department of Labor to review its new fiduciary rule, which had been scheudled to take effect April 10 (see DOL Files to Delay Fiduciary Rule).


5 Trends That Advisors Can Use To Differentiate Themselves

February 23, 2017

by Christopher Robbins for Financial Advisor

The trend is not always your friend, and seizing opportunity is hard work. With 2017 already well underway with a boom in U.S. equities and a dizzying array of political headlines, there are a number of trends that financial advisors should be...


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