Investment Product Partners


Founded in 1979, BTS Asset Management is one of the oldest nontraditional risk managers, managing traditional assets with a nontraditional approach. BTS seeks to preserve capital, aims to offer downside protection and upside potential, and strives to reduce volatility while delivering consistent long-term returns. With 35 years of tactical fixed income money management, BTS has the experience of managing through several market cycles, recessions, recoveries, and multiple up and down interest rate periods.

CLS Investments is a third party investment manager, ETF strategist, and long-time trusted partner in the financial industry. CLS’s active asset allocation approach, customizable strategy offerings, and extensive risk management experience have led clients to entrust their portfolios to CLS since 1989. CLS was one of the first money managers to include ETFs in its portfolios and has been managing portfolios of American Funds since 1998. Today, more than 35,000 investors depend on CLS to manage their investment portfolios and help them reach their financial objectives.

Horizon believes in flexible, active and globally focused investment management strategies. To pursue long-term growth, Horizon implements a multi-disciplined active investment management process that emphasizes three critical areas
of analysis that drive investment returns: One, evaluating domestic and international macro (or top-down) developments; two, identifying the key conditions of the current market environment and the factors that are likely to drive market returns in the near future; and three, analyzing the valuations, catalysts and fundamentals of global sectors, industries and individual publicly traded companies (bottom up analysis). This dynamic, active allocation methodology enables us to construct portfolios that offer maximum return potential for a particular level of risk.

Jefferson National is a recognized innovator of tax-deferred investing solutions for RIAs, fee-based advisors and the clients they serve. Jefferson National provides the industry’s first flat-fee, investment only variable annuity, called Monument Advisor. Designed exclusively for RIAs and fee-based advisors, Monument Advisor has no commissions, no surrender changes, no complex insurance guarantees and a flat $20 per month fee, regardless of account size. It also offers the industry’s most investment choices, with more than 350 underlying funds to choose from.

Visit the JeffNat/TCA partnership page to learn more.

Ocean Park

Since 1988, Ocean Park Asset Management has been helping conservative investors to preserve and grow their wealth. Through the years, we have fine-tuned an investment approach specifically designed to help investors achieve their goals. While many firms focus solely on generating returns, we also focus on reducing downside risk. Using decades of strategic research and our proven risk management disciplines, we employ a goal oriented approach.


Preston Wealth Advisors provides you with a unique approach to growing and securing your wealth. Preston Wealth Advisors makes trading decisions based on hard data rather than emotion, utilizing algorithms, technical analysis and non-correlating data that monitors the market, identifies growth sectors and pinpoints sectors of the market that have the potential to produce positive returns. As an active Third Party Money Manager, the firm’s focus is on reviewing portfolio strategies daily in an attempt to capitalize on the opportunities the market provides, as well as providing the necessary investment resources to help you manage your client relationships and book of business efficiently.

Q3 Asset Management is an independent investment advisory firm offering a diverse blend of quantitative investment strategies. This provides financial advisors and their clientele with an investment approach that maintains the ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Q3 operates on the firm belief that true diversification lies in combining a strategic blend of non-correlated investment programs. Q3 principals have over 50 years of collective industry experience, including trading on the exchanges in New York and Chicago. Q3’s actively managed strategies are distributed through a select group of financial advisors across the country.

Founded in 1994, Symmetry follows an academic, research-driven approach to asset management that seeks to harness the power of the financial markets for select advisors and the clients they serve. Symmetry creates innovative investment strategies designed to strategically target various “factors” that have been shown, historically, to deliver greater returns over time. With a belief in the efficiency of the markets and the benefits of broad diversification, Symmetry helps investors reach their long-term goals by carefully combining multiple investment providers to access the diversification and factors they are seeking, while carefully managing costs and taxes.

Known as the Formulaic Trending Money Manager®, USA Financial Portformulas® is an unconstrained, multi-cap equity manager. Using a quantitative and transparent approach to asset management, Portformulas is specifically designed with the ability to go to cash and allocate away from equities when the trends dictate. The strategies are 100% formula driven with a reapplication of the formulaic criteria applied at the beginning of every month. Each strategy empowers investors to know why investment decisions are made and what will trigger a change in the future.

W.E. Donoghue & Co., Inc. (WEDCO) is a registered investment advisor established in 1986. The firm is a pioneer in delivering tactical asset allocation solutions. WEDCO manages in excess of $1.65 billion for individual and institutional separate account clients as well as mutual fund clients. The firm has been recognized by Nelson’s Institutional Rating Service as one of the “World’s Best Money Managers.” WEDCO emphatically does not subscribe to the buy-and-hold approach, but offers separate account strategies, which employ exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and traditional mutual fund allocations as well as variable annuity strategies.


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