Josh Pace

Josh Pace
Chief Business Officer

Josh Pace joined Trust Company of America (TCA) in 2012 with over 20 years of experience in the growth and leadership of a diverse set of financial, service and technology companies. He has served as the chief financial officer of both public and private entities and has a proven track record of developing key partnerships, new initiatives and business success through a consultative approach to solving key issues facing these businesses.  

Josh has significant experience in determining key issues facing a very diverse cross section of operating businesses, helping business unit leaders diagnose challenges and creating winning strategies to resolve them.

Prior to joining TCA, Josh was the chief financial officer for a world leader in the luxury travel and rotary wing aviation industry. There, he led all financial and technology initiatives and played a significant role in the continued development of successful channel management and strategic initiatives driving business and customer growth in 46 countries.

Earlier in his career, Josh was the chief financial officer of Webroot Software, a leading security software company, and Openwave Systems, where he focused on growth, financial integrity and business development in the dynamic and fast-paced technology space.

Josh holds an MBA in international finance from the University of Colorado and a bachelor of science in accounting from the University of North Carolina, and is a certified public accountant. He currently serves as the founder and president of Bicycles for Humanity – Colorado, a non-profit delivering donated bicycle to healthcare workers in rural Africa.

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